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You may read posts in English under this category. Mainly, the posts on the website are in Russian. However some of the posts which are published in English, will be published here. Hope you like them.

The Girl on the Train

Do you read in English? When was the last time you read a book in English? From cover to cover? If English is not your native language, reading in English may seem daunting and off-putting. To get you started, I encourage that you read the book ‘The girl on the train’ which was #1 user-rated

5 verbs to up your writing

The verbs I’m going to share in this post are very popular in the media, academic journals, press releases, reports and other sources where writers are required to adhere to an academic style. If you’re looking for Spoken English verbs, such as ‘blow, suck, catch up or others, this is probably not the post for

Top 5 reasons to write in English

List posts are very popular nowadays. They are instantly captivating your attention with titles like ‘7 ways to lose weight once and for all’ ‘5 ways to boost your income’ ’10 ways to be more creative’ and something similar. Following this trend, I’d like to write a post highlighting top 5 reasons why you should